A Safe Haven for the Middle Eastern LGBTQ Community

AHWAA is an online space for open discussion.

Jun 23, 2016

(Alona Savchuk / Shutterstock.com)

For all of the challenges that the LGBTQ community faces, and continues to face, there are glimmers of light and support that bring humanity together - regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation. AHWAA.org is one such place for a relevant, open discussion on not just LGBTQ-related issues, but those particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, within Arab countries where homosexuality is still a taboo.

The online platform is an anonymous forum where users can discuss their personal stories and support one another in a safe environment, free of judgement and fear. Questions range from "Arab lesbians in Doha, do you exist?" to 'has anyone sought asylum?", and pertinent topics include cover marriages and digital security know-how for the LGBTQ community in Arab communities.

There are also a host of meet ups from Egypt to Tunisia and hundreds of posts chronicling coming out stories, Middle Eastern society, religion, identity and family ties. But above all, there is a welcome feeling of community - and hope.

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