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Dino Pet charges in the day & glows at night

Sep 4, 2013

Did you ever wish you could have a pet dinosaur as a child? Well, hopefully for the kids of today it won't be too long until the dream is a reality – thanks to the smart guys at Yonder Biology. Their newest invention, the Dino Pet, uses photosynthesis to charge up during the day, and the glows at night, to teach kids about biology in a fun and inspiring way.
The science behind the Dino Pet is simple but brilliant. The luminance comes from dinoflagellates – a species of marine algae that photosynthesize through indirect sunlight, and glow when shaken. The toy consists of a plastic bottle-like shell, and is filled with the super dino-liquid.
The team is currently raising money using a Kickstarter campaign. The project's initial goal of $50,000 has already been met, and now they've moved onto their "stretch" goal of $150,000 - to build a kids book which uses augmented reality to further enhance the Dino experience.
Aside from the cool technology and design, we love that the toy teaches kids about caring for a pet (but without the walks and mess!), and inspire them about science at the same time.

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