The Skype Way to Learn

Video conferencing giant ventures into education for all

Learning via Skype.

(Andrew Angelov /

Skype has changed the way people communicate; with only a computer and video camera, free video conferencing is available to anyone. This nifty technology is now being used as an educational tool with Skype in the classroom, a portal for teachers and eager learners to connect with other students, instructors and experts from around the world.
The site offers user-generated lesson plans, makes for a platform for guest speakers and is a meeting spot for teachers to share ideas and collaborate. Though mostly geared to connecting teachers and classrooms, Skype in the classroom also suits curious individuals who want to expand their minds with lessons such as intercultural communication for business, diabetic alert dog training and guitar.
The already expansive online resource has accumulated thousands of lessons plans which are easily searchable, in addition to editor-compiled collections of Skype lessons categorized by subject. This November, for example, Skype in the classroom is rolling out a month long program focusing on oceans, including educational talks and live experiences from some of the world’s top marine experts.
Skype in the classroom joins a long list of free education websites - virtual goldmines of knowledge which serve as a resource for anyone with an Internet connection and a thirst to learn.

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