Spotlighting Unify: A Global Force for Good!

Profiling a unique organization that is empowering people with a sense of love and hope, nurtured by an appreciation of our shared humanity.

May 12, 2020
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Spotlighting Unify: A Global Force for Good! | Profiling a unique organization that is empowering people with a sense of love and hope, nurtured by an appreciation of our shared humanity.

What’s not to love about Unify, a trailblazing organization that’s fostering a culture of togetherness. This is especially true now, during the pandemic, when the value of drawing on our inner resourcefulness and capacity to direct this positive energy to empathy for others is becoming clearer. Unify is reminding us that despite this period of uncertainty, there’s a silver lining — our shared humanity.

A rich and diverse schedule of fascinating synchronized events that are open to all and buoyed by spirituality, is extending Unify’s global reach and popularity. Everything from meditations and breathing classes to sessions on gratitude, healing workshops and relaxation techniques from around the world are available. Many of these are rooted in ancient wisdom and traditions.                     

Unify’s new online programs are worth tuning in to! On May 10, Unify launched “The Connection Field”. This is a global service project initiated by its community, This is a four-week program beaming out live over Zoom daily, from noon to 5 p.m. EST.

This carefully curated online program involves numerous people and organizations, all coming from a like-minded spiritually-tinged and socially-conscious realm. It sets out to be an authentic, loving and inclusive space. 

Its stated goal is “To provide online community, support and connection during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We may be asked to self-quarantine, social distance, and stay home, but that doesn't mean we are alone!”

The daily lineup includes a Morning Heart Coherence Meditation, and a captivating afternoon  “Resonance Lounge”. 

This unique event is where you can “Gather in a sacred space and feel nurtured, revitalized and uplifted. Each hour begins with a Heart Resonance attunement, as we share a collective field of presence, support and connection. This is an open, safe place to deeply listen, be heard, experience wholeness, and cultivate whole-systems healing.”

New weekly options take in timely sessions with titles like “Healing in an Urban Context with Multi-ethical Tensions”, “The Trust Frequency Embodied”, and “Soul Voice Embodied Intuition”. These join existing weekly offerings that include a space for “24/7 Couples”, a gathering for grandmothers in Europe and a session called “Men in Connection”. All of these are so relevant for our lives now.

Unify’s reviews are ambassadors to the group’s uplifting effect. Social media reviews such as:“Love the energy of so many positive and passionate people sharing a powerful Mission Vision & Purpose for a better caring legacy for all” demonstrate the potential of Unify’s heartfelt approach.

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