Sustainable Cutlery You Can Eat With - And Then Eat [VIDEO]

Move over, plastic. Edible utensils have arrived.

Apr 4, 2016

Researcher Narayana Peesapaty of Hyderabad, India thought of it all when designing his Edible Cutlery - sustainability, accessibility, affordability, and, of course taste.

Designed to replace the massive amounts of plastic cutlery that end up in India’s landfills every year, these edible utensils are made out of millet, rice and wheat flours. In addition to being nutritious and natural, the utensils come in a variety of flavors, including black pepper, cumin, and ginger. Don’t want to eat your spoon after a meal? Toss it with no problem - the spoon decomposes within five days.

By employing low-income women, and using millet, which requires 60 times less water than rice to cultivate, Peesapaty’s Edible Cutlery is not just booting out plastic - it’s also encouraging environmental consciousness and female empowerment.

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