These 5 Inspiring YouTubers Will Add Real Value to Your Life

Inspiration is only a vlog away


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Thanks to the golden age of YouTube, we can watch virtually any channel and immediately feel like we’re spending some one-on-one time with the person on the other end of the screen. We certainly love YouTube for providing hilarious comedy show clips and endless music videos, but when it comes to getting in our dose of inspiration, the platform doesn’t disappoint either. Since most of us are on the site at least a few times a day anyway, why not make the most of your productive procrastination and give these inspirational vloggers a go as they dish on everything from happiness to finding your artistic style.


Followers can already find plenty of motivational messages, quotes, and tips from Hoang's Instagram, but YouTube is really where this vlogger shines. Hoang provides great, thoughtful advice on everything from living a life of purpose to how to deal with social anxiety. Don’t underestimate his short videos. The mostly-under-five-minute-content is definitely worth a view or two. Better yet, just subscribe.


Amongst Shane Dawson’s sillier videos that catapult his vivacious personality into the vlog-light are his deeper content that anyone could relate to and appreciate. His videos on depression and body dysmorphia create a community and support system for followers, while also starting meaningful conversations about physical and mental health.  


What can’t Hannah Hart do? On her YouTube channel MyHarto, the star keeps it real while cooking, hanging out with friends, baking, and having a great time discussing how to evolve, what makes a house a home, or how to get involved in your community. She’s the jill of all lifestyle and self exploration trades and she always leaves us feeling positive and lighter.


Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, author, activist, and minister who uses his troubled childhood to inspire young people, educators, and even fortune 500 companies how to live up to their potential and work towards a life of greatness. It’s almost impossible not to become inspired by his energy and passion alone.


On her channel, Fran talks and draws her way through all things creative. The Chilean illustrator--who moved to the United Kingdom--gently guides her subscribers on how to make money as an illustrator, her best advice on living a creative life, and how to discover inspiration from unexpected sources.