This Video Will Make You Want to Spend Time With Your Family

A special father-daughter surprise.

Oct 8, 2015


This Video Will Make You Want to Spend Time With Your Family | A special father-daughter surprise.

What if you got the chance to do something you always wanted to do - and you had to start today? That’s the question that Quaker poses in this touching clip, and answers with the story of a real family.

The video opens with 10-year-old Lauren and her father Michael, painting a picture of their happy, hectic, suburban family. The youngest of three, Lauren is a dancer - and her dream is to dance with her dad. The clip goes on to show the unlikely duo rehearsing a hip hop dance, oozing energy and joy. Fast forward two weeks later to Lauren’s dance recital, and the rest of the family is in for a heart-warming surprise.

The message is simple and important - spending time together is what matters. Or as Quaker puts it, “Goodness Starts Today.”

Parents, be warned - you might need a tissue or two for this one.

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