Water Company Miya Wins the IWA Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation Award

The start-up is recognized for their highly successful project in the Philippines



(kubais / Shutterstock.com)

The topic of water is getting lots of press these days as more attention is being paid to the importance of water conservation, in addition to the fair distribution of drinking water to those in need.
One company doing its part to improve the water situation for cities around the world is Miya. The intrepid start-up focuses on reducing non-revenue water (NRW), or in layman’s terms, potable water that is lost from distribution systems before it reaches consumers. Their groundbreaking approach is turning heads as Miya was recently awarded the prestigious IWA Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation Award in the operations/management category for their successful NRW Reduction Project partnership with the Filipino water company Maynilad. The Manila-based project was indeed a winner and added 2.6 million people to the water network, tripled the utility’s net income and created over 400 local jobs. Miya will be presented with the well-deserved award on June 3 during Singapore’s International Water Week.

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