What if Music Could Really Change the World?

Music makes the people come together

Musicians can change the world.

(Barandash Karandashich / Shutterstock.com)

It turns out Madonna was right when she said music makes the people come together. The creators of Playing For Change (PFC), a movement set up to inspire and connect the world through music, believe that singing and playing instruments together has the power to overcome distances and break down barriers between people.
Armed with a mobile recording studio and cameras, co-founders Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke and their trusted team, travel the world recording and filming musicians in a bid to create a global family using the power of music.
The pair have managed to produce over 80 online episodes featuring a range of musicians from all over world performing in a variety of languages. Their blog is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest projects, whether it be hooking up with other similar organizations in Brazil or discovering a music school in Mali.
As well as music, the awesome website features an online marketplace selling handmade gifts from around the world as well as PFC paraphernalia, with every purchase benefiting a student somewhere in the world.
Music never sounded so good.

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