11 Tips for Life: Advice to Your 5 Year Old Self

Goodnet users share pearls of wisdom

Feb 26, 2013

Image from Flickr user horizontal.integration 

Do you remember what you were like at 5 years old? Do you see any resemblance to who you are today? We posed the question “what would you tell your 5 year old self” to our insightful Goodnet users, and received some incredible responses.

Join the conversation and tell us what pearls of wisdom you would bestow upon your 5 year old self!

“Live , love and laugh.”
- Deanna Sysco

"You are so loved and amazing just the way you are!"
- Fannie Annie

"NAP every chance you get."
- Autumn DeTar

“Do not keep secrets from your parents.”
- Kim Mills

“Don't be afraid to just be yourself, say "no" when you feel you should, and always follow your gut when things don't seem right.”
- Shelley Levair 

"Keep playing outside, keep exploring, and keep covering yourself in mud. One day, these wild places won’t look the same."
- Chelsea MB

“Life isn't always what you think or plan, keep an open mind and embrace what you may not understand. “
- Felice Moore

“Never take for granted the world around you, Stop and examine how intricate and beautiful a tree leaf is.”
- Kerry Fullenkamp 

“Don't be in a hurry to grow up.”
- Stacy Kay Walters

“Follow your dreams.”
- Phyllis Duren

"You wouldn't believe who you can be!"
- Rose Barn

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