10 of the Best Books for Men on the Lookout for a Good Read

And we promise they’re not all about sports.


(Patiwat Sariya / Shutterstock.com)

Winter is coming – which means warm blankets, plush rugs, fireplaces and good books will soon be upon us. In light of the seasonal change (and Game of Thrones reference), there’s no better time than the present for a list of the best books for men to dive into come the flurries and the freeze. Though these books range in content from adolescence to first love to friendship, there’s definitely something here for every father, brother, son, or “bro.”


BY: Ken Dryden
Considered one of the best hockey books ever written, The Game is a memoir by former Montreal Canadiens goalie and President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. A vivid look at life as hockey player, the book is less about the sport and more about life on the road, in the spotlight and on ice.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Well, loves hockey or sports in general. But, keep in mind, The Game often transcends the sport itself and becomes a thoughtful examination on the nature of celebrity.


BY: Hermann Hesse
A story of two men – one, a scholar content with his religion, and the other, a fervent explorer. As they progress through the journey of life, the two men take different approaches to enlightenment – one relies on his intellect, and the other on his passion.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: May be on his own personal voyage of self-exploration. The book also explores the conflict between reason and emotion and meditates on the idea of friendship.


BY: Steven Johnson
Your mother may have been wrong when she told you watching too much TV will rot your brain. This thought-provoking, thoroughly-researched and surprisingly convincing book argues that popular entertainment has grown more and more sophisticated over the years, making our minds significantly sharper.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Watches The Simpsons, plays Grand Theft Auto or loves Lord of the Rings. These are just a few examples of pop culture that may actually be making us smarter


BY: Cormac McCarthy
A short but exciting novel about a father and son trying to survive together in a post-apocalyptic world where snow falls in grey flakes from the dark sky and it’s cold enough to crack stones. With nothing but a pistol, the clothes on their back and some scavenged food, father and son head to the coast, unaware of what awaits them.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Is a father, a son, or both. In a world where no hope remains, it’s the love between father and son that keeps them both alive.


BY: Dale Carnegie
Dale Carnegie’s advice on how to reach goals and succeed is as relevant today as it was almost 80 years ago when the book was published. Many men, including Warren Buffet, claim this book helped them immeasurably in both their business and personal lives. Section by section, the book teaches how to make people like you, how to change people without them resenting you, and how to make people think like you do.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Wants to better understand human nature, improve his ability to express ideas, arouse enthusiasm in others, and become a successful leader.


BY: Haruki Murakami
A true coming-of-age story about lost love, Norwegian Wood tells the story of Toru, a serious, young college student in Tokyo and his love, Naoko, a troubled, beautiful young woman. When Naoko finds the pressures of life too unbearable, Toru is overwhelmed by loneliness and isolation he reaches out to others for help.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Remembers his first love - hopeless or not.


BY: Mark Twain
This classic novel is about a boy and a runaway slave who travel down the Mississippi River on a raft in what turns out to be a grand adventure. Huckleberry Finn’s journey illuminates a unique perspective on the realities of a boy’s mind and innocence.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Always dreamed of big adventures as a kid (or still does!) – though the book is also an understated commentary on nature vs. man, human dignity, and civilization.


BY: Douglas Adams
This cult classic tells the tale of Arthur Dent, who is plucked off Earth by his friend, Ford Prefect, seconds before the planet is destroyed to make way for a galactic freeway. Together, they journey through space, wreaking havoc and getting into all sorts of messes.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Loves science fiction, intelligent satire, comedic dialogue and biting wit.


BY: W.C. Heinz
Widely acknowledged as one of the top five best sports novels ever written, The Professional is the story of boxer Eddie Brown as he fought to be the middleweight champion of the world. Heinz depicts not only the twisted boxing world with its jaded journalists and crooked promoters, but also the bond between trainer and boxer in pursuit of the ultimate prize.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Wants to learn just as much about watching, listening, patience and craft as much as he does about boxing itself.


BY: Tobias Wolf
After his parent’s divorce, Toby Wolf is constantly on the move with his mother. During all their travels and adventures, they develop an extraordinarily close bond. But when his new unrelenting and hostile stepfather comes into the picture, Toby finds himself fighting for self-respect and a sense of identity.
A BOOK FOR A BRO WHO: Is all too familiar with the frustrations of adolescence, the journey of self-invention, and the great, big world of possibility.