10 of the Best Green Living Websites

Sources for eco enthusiasts

A beautiful forest.

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Once a notion saved for niche crowds, green living is now mainstream. We scoured the web and picked the finest of the crop for eco enthusiasts. 


IN A NUTSHELL Green Living is a powerful voice in the environmental media; it was even a founding member of B Corporation - the authority for social enterprises. You’ll find here tips, advice, and editorial coverage of green living enterprises as well as an online marketplace for green products.
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PERFECT FOR Eco-minded families.


IN A NUTSHELL Dedicated to the stylish and sustainable, Ecofabulous is a treasure trove of inspiration for eco-friendly products that are also beautiful.  
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PERFECT FOR Planet savers with a sense for aesthetics.  


IN A NUTSHELL The Chalkboard is self described as “a study in living well,” and boy, do they live up to their mission: as soon as you land on the website, you immediately want to move in and live in there forever. Alas, the website is only home to fun content, offering ideas and inspiration for living well - although not necessarily “green”, a lot of yoga, cooking and fresh herbs are thrown in the mix.
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PERFECT FOR Chic women who care for their wellbeing.


IN A NUTSHELL A veteran in the field of environmental media, Inhabitat runs by the slogan - “Design will save the world.” The website offers a wealth of information about eco-friendly products alongside advice about green living, yet it’s best known for its expertise in design and architecture.
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PERFECT FOR Stylish planet lovers.


IN A NUTSHELL Calm, happy spaces are the foundation for wellness according to Freshome, which specializes in design and architecture. Although not exclusively an environmental design website, many of the spaces portrayed here have an eco slant.
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PERFECT FOR Architecture aficionados.


IN A NUTSHELL Green living is the bread and butter of Treehuger - a website that hardly needs introduction. Determined to “drive sustainability mainstream”, Treehugger is chock full of practical advice and useful information alongside editorials about design, technology, energy and science
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PERFECT FOR Devout environmentalist.


IN A NUTSHELL Synonymous with cool, innovative and creative, the Cool Hunter scours the world for mind-boggling inventions and innovations with a design flair. Although not exclusively a purveyor of eco-friendly lifestyle, it just so happens that cutting-edge design also translates into smart choices frequently inspired by nature.
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PERFECT FOR Worldly and curious and design buffs.


IN A NUTSHELL Apartment Therapy has taken interior design to the next level, proving that anyone can have an amazing, stylish home - as long as they care enough. The subjects of AT’s sneak peeks definitely do care, and many of them are bent on green living.
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PERFECT FOR Funky interiors design enthusiasts.  


IN A NUTSHELL A consumer’s guide to green living, the Daily Green specializes in no-nonsense tips for easily adoptable green habits.
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PERFECT FOR Anyone who loves green living the easy way.


IN A NUTSHELL Smart architecture and sustainable design are Jetson Green’s forte. The blog/website engages with eco-friendly innovation in architecture and building.
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PERFECT FOR Forward-thinking architects.