10 Reasons Why Nurses Are Awesome

These caring professionals have one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs out there. Here’s a shout out to all the nurses out there – you’re awesome!


A nurse helps a patient

A nurse on the job, being awesome (michaeljung / Shutterstock.com)

Nurses are some of the most dedicated professionals in the healthcare field, providing comfort, respite and necessary care to those who fall ill. Goodnet wanted to give a shout-out to all those incredible men and women who decided to become a caring professional. If you didn’t need convincing already, read on about the amazing selfless work of nurses.

1. Nurses are super smart

Becoming a nurse isn’t a simple task. Nurses are required to have a college or university degree, and many continue on to specialties or even receiving their masters. Most nurses continue expanding the knowledge base in their field by attending workshops, seminars and courses.

2. Nurses save lives

Hospitals would not function without nurses. They are the first point of contact when encountering a patient, and provide the initial analysis of a patient’s condition. Doctors rely heavily on nurses for crucial information about each patient, and their experience and medical knowledge provides the basis of diagnoses and subsequent treatments.

3. Nurse have amazing people skills

Nurses do their best to treat all patients and their families with respect, absorbing their worries and fears, and even using humor as a way to offset any angst.

4. Nurses have no problem getting their hands dirty

Let's face it, patients can be messy. Nurses take on the giving role of helping them every step of the way - whether it's diaper changes for elderly patients or giving someone a bath.

5. Nurses make people feel safe

When entering a hospital or medical facility, the first person you encounter will be a nurse. Whether you're being admitted or preparing to see a doctor, nurses are the initial point of contact and are there to answer questions and assuage fears.

Nurse at a hospital taking care of a patient.

 (Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock.com)

6. Nurses have boundless energy

If you think 9 to 5 can be tiring, try being a nurse. Many nurses work 10 – 12 hour shifts (!) with minimal breaks in between. Even after all those hours, nurses conduct themselves in a professional and caring manner helping patients heal faster.

7. Nurses are calm under pressure

Trained in how to act in the case of an emergency or worse-case scenario, nurses are cool as cucumbers when it comes to pressure.

8. Nurses are team players

With ever-changing shifts that include new doctors and personnel, nurses are experts at working as part of a team. When emergency situations arise, nurses band together to help those in need and ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

9. Nurses are highly organized

With tons of patients coming in through a hospital or medical facility’s doors, nurses are responsible not only for caring for the patients but making sure that all their paperwork is in order. Nurses have to keep track of a large number of individuals, ensuring that they receive the proper care at the appropriate time - like when to take medicine or have their blood tested.

10. Nurses are versatile

Each day brings new set of personalities and ailments, all of which nurses deal with grace and aplomb. They need to switch gears constantly from working directly with patients to doctors and doing office work.