10 World Videos to Tempt Your Inner Travel Bug

A stunning collection of clips from the far corners of the world to whisk you around the globe - without leaving the house.

World Videos to Tempt Your Inner Travel Bug

These boys have got the travel bug (MsDianaZ / Shutterstock.com)

There's nothing quite like traveling to a new place – the breathtaking views and exotic tastes, meeting people and learning about their culture, visiting cities and marveling at ancient buildings, taking photos, making memories. Travel opens up the world – inspiring creativity, change and understanding.
Let this stunning collection of world videos from around the globe whet your appetite, and take you on a world tour without leaving your home. A word to the wise – you might need to book a trip and go exploring abroad soon after.


Our travel bug tour begins in the South Asian country of Bhutan. Obscure, maybe – beautiful definitely. This montage clip from Austrian video artist Clemens Purner introduces varied landscapes – from subtropical to subalpine – as well as Bhuddist monks, local food, construction and lots of prayer flags.


If there's one word that perfectly describes this world video, it's sunlight. In a quest to show off the beautiful Scottish countryside, the artist spent eight months adventuring – camping out, driving overnight and running through fields – capturing natural landscapes at the perfect time, from sunrise to sunset. Budding photographers can read more details in the video description on Vimeo.


Starting to tire of landscapes? Fasten your seat belt – this tour of Paris is a surefire pick-me-up. Visit the classic tourist spots and experience the bustling business district – showcased on the backdrop of a massive thunderstorm. Gotta love the city of love.


Another pumping clip, this Hong Kong video will get your blood racing and your foot tapping. But it's not all urban jungle – the harbor region also has its fair share of lush greenery and water views.


Our last stop in Asia, this wow-worthy video from Pyongyang will knock your socks off – it's that simple. A seamless mix of time-lapse photography, acceleration and slow motion and digital animation, the piece exposes modern developments in a country seemingly immune to progress. By zooming in on a slew of individual people as they go about their everyday lives, videographer Rob Whitworth proves to be an insightful, keen tour guide


Sticking with artist Rob Whitworth but traveling across the seas to the European continent, this clip comes to you from the cartoon-like city of Barcelona. With a funky, modern soundtrack, the video shows off colorful urban sprawl, narrow alleyways, buzzing nightlife and of course iconic cathedrals. Getting the itch to hop a flight to Spain?


To Africa now – specifically Rwanda and Uganda – this eye-catching short film takes you on an insider's trip. From plush countryside to congested city living, this is a three-and-a-half minute journey well worth taking.


Elsewhere in Africa, this little beauty is the result of a two-week trip to Ethiopia. Watch the making of the local bread injera, false banana, and coffee, marvel at crowded rural roads and meet the people of this fascinating country.


Traveling up the Red Sea and through Israel, the next stop is the sunny Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, expertly captured in this timelapse by Noam Armonn. From morning to night, take in the bustling metropolis of people, cars and trains, while getting a taste of the outdoor market, the impressive skyline and of course the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.


Last up – the spectacular Middle Eastern gem of Doha, on the Arabian Gulf. From sandy deserts to impressive architectonics, this video has a jamming soundtrack, and tells a story of a blooming, modern metropolis that begs a visit.
So, where would you like to visit next?

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