100 Days of Hope and Prayer: Joining Together to Bring Israeli Hostages Home

Communities unite in solidarity for the safe return of captives.  



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Last week, in a moving commemoration of resilience and hope, communities around the world came together to mark the solemn occasion of 100 days since Israeli hostages were taken by the Hamas terrorist organization. To date the hostages have been in held captivity for 107 days.

People around the world joined together in a series of events aimed at bringing attention to the plight of the captives and renewing efforts for their safe return. Solidarity events, with the 'Bring Them Home Now' slogan held from Toronto and New York City to Paris and London, served as a powerful reminder of the urgency to demand the safe return of those held captive, I24News reported.

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Illuminating the path home
Families directly affected by the crisis found solace in the outpouring of support, knowing that they were not facing this ordeal alone. In Israel, the relatives of the approximately 132 hostages that Hamas currently holds, began a 24-hour protest to commemorate the somber anniversary of one hundred days since the incident on October 7. The Times of Israel conveyed that organizers estimated 120,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv's Hostages Square, with families and released hostages speaking out. 

“A hundred days, what to say about this round number. A hundred days in darkness, in war, alone. My friends, I miss you. I haven’t met your families, but we’ll meet here, in Israel,” released hostage, 18-year-old Agam Goldstein-Almog,is quoted as saying in The New York Post. Almog also called out the women and girls still in the hands of the Hamas terrorists. “How are you, my friends? Have you eaten today, are you together or were you separated? Did he hurt you again?," she is told Ynetnews.

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Hostages’ families build mock tunnel
According to The Times of Israel, families of those abducted created a massive replica of one of the terror group's tunnels in the Gaza Strip at Tel Aviv's Hostages Square in an effort to draw attention to the predicament of their loved ones as they approach 100 days in captivity on Sunday. The makeshift tunnel was constructed to mimic the appalling conditions — such as small quarters and dim lighting — that hostages endure in Hamas's underground. The families included tally marks to indicate the number of days since the hostages were taken captive, as well as messages of hope and the names of the captives written on the tunnel walls.

Global solidarity
Around the world solidarity events were held to mark the 100th day of captivity, I24 reported. The Austrian Parliament and the Opera building in Vienna were lit up in support of the prisoners' release. Berlin citizens demonstrated in favor of the captives' release. Pianist Igor Levit performed a performance of solidarity on a yellow piano, which has become a symbol of support for the hostages. 

Throughout Europe, from Brussels and Amsterdam to Madrid and Barcelona, solidarity events were held. Riding through Paris's streets with Israeli flags in hand, almost a hundred motorcyclists demonstrated their support for the country's war against Hamas. A dance performance advocating for the immediate release of Hamas's hostages was staged earlier last week in front of the city's most recognized landmark, the Eiffel Tower, ahead of the 100-day  celebrations. In addition, pro-Israel people gathered in Washington Square Park in New York City, where a yellow piano was played alongside a poster saying, "Time is running out!" at the main stage of the event.

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A Renewed Call for Action
As the 100th day milestone was observed, the global community demonstrated that solidarity is not merely a fleeting sentiment but an enduring commitment. The events held worldwide served as a poignant reminder that the quest for freedom and justice is a collective responsibility. The strength of solidarity forged in these events sends a clear message — together, we will navigate the path to bring these individuals back to their homes and loved ones.

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