An 100% Trash Free Restaurant - How You Can Be Like Them in 3 Steps [VIDEO]

A Chicago restaurant stands as a beacon of green sustainability and zero waste

Jun 10, 2014

One restaurant in Chicago has taken the leap to become 100% trash-free and it’s all due to one man’s desire to minimize waste. Justin Vrany’s Sandwich Me In looks like any regular shop, but it is all-the-way sustainable. While a typical restaurant produces eight gallons of garbage an hour, Vrany’s Sandwich Me In has produced that same amount of garbage in two years! To top it off, instead of throwing away his mere eight gallons of trash after two years of accumulation, an artist picked up the waste and used the materials to make a sculpture.
Vrany is an incredible example of one person making a life decision and following through to make the planet a cleaner place. As he says, “I don’t want to be in the spotlight, but I just want to change things for my kids, for all of us.”

Here’s how he does it:
1. Composts all biodegradable materials
2. Operates on renewable energy
3. Buys only local meat and produce

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