10 Minutes of Quiet Can Do a World of Good

Mindful in May [VIDEO]

Apr 24, 2013
10 Minutes of Quiet Can Do a World of Good | Mindful in May [VIDEO]

Meditation is known to improve your health, from lowering blood pressure to boosting the immune system. Ten minutes of concentrated quiet can do a world of good, not just for you, but for others. That is the message of Mindful in May, a new campaign that combines the benefits of meditation with fundraising; Mindful in May is raising money to provide clean water to developing countries though the nonprofit charity:water.
Those interested can register, donate or fundraise for clean water, and in return, receive a one month meditation program. You don’t have to be practiced in the field of meditation to take part in Mindful in May: just take a deep breath, close your eyes and contribute to a worthy cause.

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