Guerilla Gardening Brings Pride and Beauty

The Pansy Project: a blooming form resistance

Apr 24, 2013

Image by Paul Harfleet, from The Pansy Project

Putting beauty in place of pain, and growth in place of hurt, is the mission at the core of The Pansy Project .
The brainchild of artist Paul Harfleet, The Pansy Project is a venture that tracks spots of aggressive attitudes toward gays. These locations receive a little makeover with guerilla gardening: pansies. The patches of flowers - now in various cities all over the world -  Germany, Turkey, the U.S.A and the UK included -  serve as quiet resistance, while the contrast between the flowers and the urban backdrop amplifies the positive impact, making it even stronger.  
Harfleet photographs each of the planted flowers and compiles the photos into exhibits: the photos are currently on view as part of Cultural Hijack, showcasing at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Brussels’ Pride Festival will also host the exhibit on May 17. [Source: The Pansy Project]

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