Need a Ride to Mars?

A beautifully crafted website shows you the way

Planet Mars.

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When you enter the phrase "how far away is Mars" on Google, you get 51,700,000 results. This is proof that quite a few people have searched for this question, the answer to which is 12,756 kilometers. Can you grasp this distance? Do you know what it means?
Spatial measurements are confusing, even mind boggling. How Far is it to Mars is a brilliant website that shows the distance from Earth to Mars in a way that is much more tangible: translating kilometers into pixels. So if the Earth was 100 pixels wide, the moon would be 3,000 pixels away. Mars is way beyond: 428,000 pixels away. And even in pixels - the journey is long! Created by David Paliwoda and Jesse WilliamsHow Far is it to Mars saves you the trouble of snagging a seat on NASA’s manned mission to Mars, planned for the 2030’s; simply hop over the site and enjoy the ride. [Source: How Far is it to Mars]

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