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Able Gamers: making video games accessible

A child plays a video game.

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Contrary to popular belief, video games have benefits: cognitive, emotional and social. That is - if used in a way that utilizes their enriching potential.
Indisputably, video games are a lot of fun -  the AbleGamers Foundation knows that, and aim to increase their acessiblity for children and adults with disabilities. "We believe there should be no barriers for fun," states the charity's website, and who can argue with that? 
The AbleGamers Foundation achieves their mission via promoting both ends of the gaming interaction: the games and their creators on the one hand, and the gamers on the other. Aside from hands-on programs, AbleGamers features accessibility reviews of videogames - a listing of games suitable - to various degrees - for the special needs of special people. Each review includes a general description about the game and specific entries about relevant issues, such as - visibility, hearing, motion control and other criteria. 
The AbleGamers Foundation understands that while people differ in needs and abilities, each and every one of us just wants to have fun.

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