7 Websites that Will Spark Your Intelligence

Give your brain a boost!


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If you are feeling a bit dull around the edges and need a bit of an intellectual boost, look no further; we have compiled a list of seven fantastic websites that will give you that brainy lift that you are seeking! The diverse selection of sites provides an array of intellectual stimulation from educational and cultural content to science experiments and fun quizzes to keep you sharp.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your smart on! Please send us your suggestions for more intellectually stimulating websites to add to the list. 


WHAT A free website of curated educational and cultural content.
IN DETAIL Founded in 2006, Open Culture will feed your curiosity with fascinating material that is culled from quality sources all over the web.  In addition to the daily content feed, Open Culture facilitates free learning and entertainment with online courses from leading universities, movies, audio books, eBooks and free language lessons.
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WHAT A website for teachers and learners alike with animated educational videos under ten minutes long.
IN DETAIL TED-Ed is an offshoot of the successful TED enterprise but with a bit of a twist. TED-Ed merges engaging lesson plans, narrated by the educators who create them, with artful animation to give the lessons a visual impact. The video lessons go a step further, offering supplemental materials such as quizzes, discussion questions and extra resources to get your brain working.
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WHAT An online platform for the contribution and participation in diverse citizen science projects.
IN DETAIL Zooniverse allows you to be an integral part of scientific discoveries by working on a range of projects that can be done straight from your computer. If you aren’t particularly science oriented don’t fret, it’s not the only field to sink your teeth into; the site offers projects in nature, biology and the humanities. One stand out example is Planet Four, an endeavor that requires the identification and measurements of features on the surface of Mars, with the objective of assisting planetary scientists gain a greater understanding of the red planet.
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WHAT A comprehensive website covering a myriad of topics, breaking down how things actually work into easy to read articles.
IN DETAIL For every curious question you might have, or didn’t even think you might have, HowStuffWorks is your destination. The site takes on subjects as common as car repair and household appliances to as complex as geophysics and chemical engineering. Aside from the informational articles, HowStuffWorks also offers original videos, quizzes, blogs, games and podcasts to pique your curiosity and challenge your mind.
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WHAT A site that offers a selection of entertaining and educational videos.
IN DETAIL Unplug the TV is intent on curbing the incessant flow of mind-numbing television by providing a site filled with quality videos that will broaden your horizons.  Videos are selected from a variety of sites such as TED, PBS and Khan Academy. The simple format allows you to switch to a new video with a simple click or browse through the archives.  
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WHAT A weekly public radio show centered around a specific theme in which everyday people share their personal  stories.
IN DETAIL Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life tackles all different types of subjects with a mix of humor, depth, intelligence and heart. Expertly edited, a mix of individuals and This American Life staffers relate fascinating stories and personal experiences ranging from being switched at birth to adventures in babysitting. This American Life can be listened to via stream, podcast, mobile apps or the old fashioned way, on the radio.
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WHAT A nonprofit website that donates grains of rice for correctly answered educational multiple choice questions.
IN DETAIL Free Rice is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme and combines education with fighting hunger.  The site offers a wide range of subjects in which to test your knowledge, from math and humanities to science and SAT prep. For each correct answer, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice, whether you are playing individually or for a group.
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