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Block Avenue collects data every pin on the map

May 23, 2013

Screenshot of Block Avenue map search 

Every block in the US is under the radar of Block Avenue, a website (and soon - a mobile app) that collects geo-data.
Block Avenue attempts to give you information about every single place - and strives to be the counsel in your pocket for any location-based decision you make: from where to get coffee to the nearest transit stop through to the level of schools in the area.
Block Avenue provides public information, amplified by data provided by users, so the app is a collaborative data collection site, with a community feel to it - users engage in related conversation.
Possibly the strongest feature in Block Avenue is block grading - which is based on user reviews, transit, amenities and restaurants. Under each of these categories there's a treasure trove of information, including accessibility to carsharing and even crime statistics and the level of noise.
Block Avenue puts the what and the why in the where - and lets everyone be part of the largest playground on the planet: our world. [Source: Block Avenue]

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