A 9 Minute Dose of Inspiration

WOW Talks: lectures on work and passion

Jun 2, 2013

Image from WOW Talks

Passion – where does it come from, what fuels it, and how can it be incorporated into your daily life? WOW Talks is seeking the answer.
A platform for live talks, WOW Talks feature people who are making careers out of their dreams and aspirations. The format is simple: WOW Talks chooses a theme and selects a variety of speakers to talk about their dream jobs. Each lecture - or talk - is nine minutes long and always ends with a thought-provoking question to the audience.  
The international event is held in London (and sometimes - in Tel Aviv), but if you can’t attend, all talks are posted on the site, providing an easy nine-minute dose of inspiration.
Gal Stiglitz founded the creative initiative in 2009, driven by the firm belief that if people made a living out of love, the world would be a happier place. We think he might be onto something.

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