11 Famous Romantic Love Quotes from Classic Books

These beautiful quotes will give you butterflies.

Jul 20, 2020


There is something magical about love quotes. They can make you feel hopeful, warm and encourage you to embrace life.

Romance is part and parcel of most of literature according to the Stylist. That’s because literature is the perfect means to talk about love and the writers of classic books have a special way with words that stick in your memory and influence your mood. When you think about a romantic quote, your heart may begin to flutter and it’s hard to stop a smile from forming. 

Like heroines and heroes in your favorite books, everyone loves to talk and dream about love. Goodnet has identified the 11 most romantic love quotes from classic books. Some you may recognize and others may be a bit new. Nonetheless, they are all inspirational, enchanting and worth adding to your vision board.

The major theme that runs through all of these quotes is the idea that love can lift you up, make you feel whole and fulfilled. Although most think you can only attain these feelings by loving another person, you can also achieve this through self-love and accepting yourself.

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