11 Mind Blowing Facts about Creativity [VIDEO]

Get those creative juices flowing [VIDEO]

Jan 30, 2014

Who would have thought that clutter actually increases creativity? Or that you’re in fact more creative when you’re tired?
This cute clip from Buzzfeed highlights 11 surprising facts about creativity and here they are:

1. You're more creative when you're tired
2. Blue is a creativity-enhancing color
3. Creatives tend to enjoy high risk situations
4. Creatives tend to have mellow personalities because they have slower nerves
5. Senior citizens who do creative projects age slower
6. Exercise increases your creativity
7. Traveling abroad spurs creativity
8. Creativity can indicate promiscuity
9. Studies show left-handed people are more creative
10. Creatives tend to lie more often
11. Clutter increases creative thinking

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