11 Super Organic Baby Foods Brands You Should Know About

Your baby deserves to eat the most nutritional and healthy food available

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All parents want to do what's best for their babies and that includes feeding our little ones the most nutritional and healthy baby food we can. That's why many parents are turning to organic food for their babies.

Some people are making their own baby food exclusively or partially so that know exactly what is going into the meals. The good news is that for parents who want to feed their babies only organic foods, there a range of products readily available including formula, cereals, fruit and vegetable purees, juices, and more.

Organic baby foods contain no or much lower levels of pesticides, no genetically modified ingredients, fewer additives, no artificial sweeteners, no msg, no hydrogenated fat and they are environmentally friendly. There are even special hypoallergenic and gluten-free foods.

There are products available for all budgets and tastes, and many are available in supermarkets or online.  Here is a selection of some of the organic baby food brands that are available in supermarkets or online.

1. Plum Organics

Plum Organics puree baby foods come in three stages and ten different flavors to meet all of your baby's needs. The first stage has easy to digest sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas with mint and mango, and peach and prunes. The second stage features a red blend, a white blend and some unique combinations. In stage three (toddler), Plum Organics adds spices and proteins to make transitioning to regular food easy. Plum Organics also makes infant formula, crunchy puff snacks, and teething biscuits.

2. Earth's Best

Earth's Best is the most versatile brand. You can start your baby with whole grain cereals like rice and oatmeal, and multigrain mixes. Both jarred and pouch purees are available in three stages. Stage one includes banana, peas, sweet potatoes, and pears. Stage two food has chunkier textured single food and flavor blends. For older babies and toddlers, stage three foods have larger portions and more variety of flavors like spaghetti and cheese. Earth's Best also has infant formula and fruit and veggie snacks. Earth's Best also has a line of organic diapers and baby products.

3. Sprout Organic Baby Food

Sprout was the first company to put baby food into a pouch. There are three stages of food as well as toddler and family pouches for older kids. Stage one purees come in sweet potatoes, prunes and mango. Stage two baby foods come in a large variety of flavor blends, fruit and grain blends, and yogurt blends. Stage three contains chunkier food blends as well as full meal pouches. Sprout also has crunchy crinklez, curlz, and puffs snacks.

4. Gerber Organic

Gerber Organics are widely available in grocery and discount/department stores. Gerber has cereals like rice and oatmeal to start your baby on solid foods. There are three stages of pureed food available in jars and pouches. The first stage includes simple food like carrots, apple, mango and bananas and much more.  The second stage features blends of fruit, vegetables, and grains. The third stage for older babies and toddlers include yogurt and additional new foods and textures. Gerber also has organic fruit juices, crunchy snack puffs, and freeze-dried yogurt bites.

5. Ella's Kitchen Organic

Ella's Kitchen has food pouches in three stages. First tastes have a single fruit puree including apples, pears, banana, and mango. Stage two pouches have cereals, fruit and vegetable blends, combo dinners and textured protein filled meals. There are organic crouch snacks and fruit smoothie pouches for toddlers. There is also an Ella's Kitchen UK.

6. Once Upon a Farm

The baby food pouches are cold pressed purees that must be kept cold and contain coconut milk and essential fats. Once Upon a Farm pouches also come in three stages with increasing textures and blends for older babies and toddlers. The food comes with amazingly descriptive names like Magic Velvet Mango and Wild Rumpus Avocado.

7. Pure Spoon

Pure Spoon organic baby foods are always made from fresh foods that were never frozen. The brand pasteurizes cold-pressed fruit and vegetable purees without the use of chemicals or high heats and comes in completely transparent packaging, so you see the food that your baby is getting. The food comes in two stages with simple foods like carrots and pears in stage one and unique flavor blends like apples and broccoli and spinach, pear, and banana in stage two. The food is delivered directly to your home.

8. Beech-Nut Organic

Beech-Nut organic has a baby cereal include rice, oatmeal, and multigrain, hearty mix of wheat, oat and rice flavors and comes in a canister with a cap that can be used as a measuring cup and an easy pour spout. There are also jars and pouches for four stages. Stage one has single cereals, fruits and vegetables, stage two are blends. Stage three introduces more flavors and snacks and stage four consists of toddler meals.

9. Peter Rabbit Organics

Peter Rabbits is a brand of organic puree snacks for older babies and toddlers. They come in fruit blends and organic crush varieties. There is no added sugar, salt or even water. The food pouches are resealable and do not have to be refrigerated.

10. NurturMe

NurturMe, the tummy friendly brand, has a unique line of quinoa-based baby cereals and comes in apple, banana and raisin and sweet potato flavors. The line is free of soy, gluten, egg, and dairy. The brand has organic super infant baby food, toddler snacks, and cookies too.

11. Organic Baby formulas

There is a large variety of organic baby formulas available. Here is a list of the milk-based iron-fortified formula:  Similac Organic, Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula, Plum Organics Premium Infant formula, Earth's Best Organic Infant, and Happy Baby Organics.  Non-milk varieties are also available in some brands.

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