How to Find the Books Your Children Want

Zoobean helps parents find remarkable books

Finding books kids want.

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A new website called Zoobean is making it easier for busy parents to find and buy remarkable children’s books, at a time and location fitting for today’s hectic schedules. The books on the site are all gathered by a team of experts-slash-parents, and recommended by Zoobean users. What makes the site particularly intuitive is that it filters books by format, age, genre, language, topic and even character background. So users can literally narrow their choice down to a funny e-book in English for 10 year-olds, which deals with anger and frustration and has Asian characters. Doesn't get much more specific than that!
To make the process of exposing children to quality literature in this digital day and age even easier, the site has a built-in shop, and the option to subscribe and get your children excited about reading with a quality book delivered to your door every month.
The team at Zoobean is motivated by values of love, inclusion and what they like to call "remarkability" – sounds like just the right recipe to make sure that the kids of this generation won't be the ones to ask "Mom, what's a book?"

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