80,000 Hours of Goodness

Charity aims to maximize every second of your workday

Jun 13, 2013

Illustrative photo by Flickr user isayx3

The average person works about 80,000 hours over their lifetime - and a young charity aims to make the most of every single second. Aptly named "80,000 Hours," the UK-based non-profit helps people make a difference with their careers, using evidence-based tools to find and get a meaningful job.
With hundreds of members in its growing community, 80,000 Hours offers one-on-one, personalized advice sessions over the Internet, during which coaches understand individual situations. Then they make a proposal, carry out some research, and share their findings. Funding for these activities comes entirely from individuals who support the idea, so there's no risk of ulterior motives.
Along with helping people choose between different jobs, 80,000 Hours has developed the "Earn to Give" track, encouraging some professionals to take deliberately high-paying jobs with the intention of donating a large part of what they earn. By funding good causes, they can bring about a change that’s far bigger than what they could do if they worked for them directly.
We love the viral nature of this initiative – 80,000 Hours spreads the good so that hundreds and then thousands and then hundreds of thousands of people can work to better themselves and the world around them. [Source: 80,000 Hours]

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