Excel Spreadsheets Become Mind-Blowing Art

Wizardry of a special kind.



Image: “Cherry Blossoms at Jogo Castle” (2006) by Tatsuo Horiuchi

Excel spreadsheet are usually synonymous with dry data and mind numbing lists - serving as the raw machinery of logistics and technicalities. Right? Well, not if you ask Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi - who uses the household program to create stunningly beautiful art.
Japanese culture blog Spoon & Tamago reports that the 73-year-old wizard decided to use Excel as a creative tool, since unlike graphics software, Excel is automatically installed on most computers - making it a cheap and handy option. Horiuchi took the plunge and learned the intricate ways of Excel. The result: absolutely stunning drawings embellished with Japanese motifs.
Can't believe these complex images were created on Excel? Download the spreadsheets to your computer and play with them all you want.

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