6th Graders Bring Sophistication to Metal

This duo rocks the stage [VIDEO]

Jun 24, 2013


Music, Creative
6th Graders Bring Sophistication to Metal | This duo rocks the stage [VIDEO]

Jarad Dawkins and Malcom Brickhouse are not your typical 11- and 12-year-olds. The Flatbush Brooklynites form the metal band Unlocking the Truth, writing and performing original music based on their lives.
The talented duo has chosen metal music as a creative outlet of expression. Not to be mistaken for a kid band, the young men have something to say and are determined to remain true to themselves, regardless of what others think. With a sophistication and poise that is rare for their age - or any age for that matter - Jarad and Malcom inspire with their message to just be yourself, served with a side of heavy metal. 

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