How To Fine Tune Your Focus

The music service that understands motivation.


Woman studying.


Creating the right soundtrack to boost productivity can be a tricky business, especially when the tunes you feel like listening to don't necessarily help you concentrate. Enter Focus@Will, a music service crafted entirely with productivity in mind.

Working in conjunction with UCLA researchers, the Focus@Will team has gained an understanding of how music affects motivation, along with the types of songs, playlists, and genres that get people into "the zone." The site utilizes this knowledge, giving users a range of styles to choose from – from Up Tempo to Classical – arranged into 100-minute playlists. The playlists are purposely limited, to encourage users to get up and take a break.

Next time you find yourself in the loop of procrastination, or unable to stick your brain to the task at hand, fine tune your focus with Focus@Will.

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