The App That Turns Your Photos into Good Deeds

Donate a Photo donates $1 for 1 image


Photo by Flickr user DaveLawler

Pick up your smartphone, and take a look: how many photos have you taken? Now, imagine if each photos could be turned into $1 - donated to a cause? Donate a Photo, a new Johnson & Johnson app, does exactly that.
Donate a Photo works as follows: once you download the app, you can upload a photo a day – any photo at all . For each photo you upload, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a cause - selected by you.
At time of publishing, the initiative had seen 24,114 photos donated, helping causes from babies, new mothers and children to restoration of public parks. Each cause has a stated goal on the site: mothers2mothers is aiming to help 40,000 mothers keep their babies HIV-free, while Keep America Beautiful - a nonprofit that promotes community projects - wants to restore 53 public parks.
With this app, available for free on the Google Play Store, Johnson & Johnson joins a growing chorus of companies looking to "Do Good" alongside doing business - such as this insurance company and this healthy snack food business. Well worth a few minutes and at least a photo or two!
[Source: Donate a Photo]

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