Computer Programming for the Masses, from a Tent

Start-up takes shape in idyllic Swedish forest.



(Photo courtesy of Thomas Backlund)

In today’s technological age, those with knowledge of computer programming are increasingly in demand. Thomas Backlund gets this, and – according to a recent Mashable article - is working to develop a platform which will "bring software development" to the masses, as Wordpress and Wix made website development accessible to the layperson.
But Backlund's product, while certainly fascinating, isn't even the most interesting part of this story. The coder-cum-entrepreneur gave up his job and his apartment to focus on the project full-time, and currently lives in a tent in a forest, with his laptop, a couple of solar panels, a gas stove and a few other bits and pieces of essential camping equipment.  He vows, "I'm not exiting to a normal life until my startup has taken off. This is my big adventure. I'm not coming back empty-handed."
Neither a simple task nor an easy way to go about it, that's for sure, but certainly worthwhile!

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