Transforming Your Parking Spot into an Urban Oasis

September 20 is PARK(ing) Day

Jul 3, 2013

Image from Flickr user stevendepolo

On Friday, September 20, you’ll have the power to transform your urban space. How? By taking part in PARK(ing) Day.
A global movement, PARK(ing)Day is a worldwide event where community members turn metered parking spots into temporary public oases. Local organizers collaborate to design and create an open space that matches the needs of their community, resulting in a range of parking spot makeovers from urban farms and art installations, to parks and bike repair shops.
PARK(ing) Day is the brainchild of San Francisco based art and design studio Rebar, who in 2005 converted a single metered parking spot into a park. The initiative is on par with a growing desire to transform urban spaces into public areas that benefit the community. Participation is easy and gives everyone, no matter where they live, the opportunity to turn ordinary parking spots into living, breathing communal spaces.

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