The Kindness Revolution - Created with Cards

A card to make friends and strangers smile


It's kool to be kind!

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An inspiring new trend is spreading from one corner of the globe to the other, and - surprisingly for this day and age - it's not digital. "Kindness cards" are being distributed for free or for a small donation by a range of movements around the world, from across the US to way down under in Australia.
With some minor variations, the system works like this: order a set of cards online which get sent to you in the mail, carry out an anonymous act of kindness, such as paying for someone's coffee, leaving flowers on a neighbor's doorstep or placing chocolate on a colleague's desk at work, and leave your kindness card. The card tells the recipient about your kind act, and encourages them to repeat the game with someone else.
The sites are overflowing with buzz about the smiles on recipients’ faces - and the fun of giving out the cards, spreading the inspiring message of kindness. [Sources:, Think Kindness and Wake Up]

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