Instagram’s Digital Landfill Cleans Up the Planet

Litterati: a springboard for green communities


Litter in London, UK.

(Tony Baggett /

Cigarette butts, plastic bags, Styrofoam – these are some of the most discarded objects found by Litterati, a user generated database of litter housed on Instagram.  Dubbed the Digital Landfill, Litterati utilizes Instagram in the service of good with three simple steps: individuals photograph a piece of garbage, use the hashtag #litterati, and then properly dispose of the trash.  
The recent initiative has already cleaned up 12,989 pieces of garbage and is steadily growing. All data is geo and keyword tagged, serving as a useful tool to identify what type of garbage is accumulating and where. Litterati hopes to use the platform as a way to stir conversation with major brands, cities and government agencies to find better solutions to keeping the planet clean.
This crowdsourcing movement empowers anyone with a smartphone to use Litterati as a springboard for cleaning up their communities. [Source: Litterati]

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