Is Age Just a Number?

A new look at getting older [VIDEO]

Jul 10, 2013


Is Age Just a Number? | A new look at getting older [VIDEO]

Hy Snell doesn't feel the need to talk about age. At 94 years old he is a bubbly, talented and humorous man with a passion. Painting is his lifeline and, despite his steadily declining eyesight, Hy approaches each piece of art as the best thing he’s ever going to make.
Hy is featured as part of the Pfizer program Get Old. The initiative is seeking to challenge peoples’ notions of aging and steer the conversation to discussing quality of life at any age.
Anyone can take a cue from Hy on how to age gracefully - as he so beautifully puts it, “Age isn’t important, it’s what you’re doing at that age that’s important.”

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