The Carsharing Service Driven by Travelers

FlightCar: matching cars with riders.

Leave your car at the airport to share when you fly.

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Gearing up for that big trip and don’t know what to do with your car? Check out FlightCar, an easy new carsharing service that lets you drop off your vehicle at the airport and rent it out to fellow travelers.
Now active in Boston and San Francisco, FlightCar’s homebase is the airport and provides such services as: car insurance up to one million dollars, full screening of potential renters, a free car wash and curbside pickups and drop offs. If a car is not rented out, FlightCar customers can still park for free.
Following the trend of collaborative consumption, FlightCar offers travelers an alternative car service that is powered by - and made for - individuals. [Source: FlightCar]

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