11-Year-Old Supports Single Moms with Lemonade Stand

Kids are never too young to do good.

Aug 4, 2020


11-Year-Old Supports Single Moms with Lemonade Stand | Kids are never too young to do good.

Cartier Carey Is not an ordinary 11-year-old. This altruistic tween from Hampton Virginia, is spending his summer helping single moms one cup of lemonade a time.

He is working hard to provide help for the less fortunate in his community. Cartier said during an interview on Live Kelly and Ryan, “I wanted to help mothers who were struggling during the pandemic.”

All of the proceeds from selling lemonade and treats is going to buy diapers, baby clothing, and baby wipes for the single mothers who need it. He distributes the items to shelters and in parks and even went as far as Richmond Virginia to help moms there.

But his lemonade stand is not his first effort to help others during the pandemic according to CNN. Cartier already created care packages he calls Carti packs” that are filled with hand sanitizers, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, and tissues that he gave out to area homeless people.

Cartier’s mother Britany Stewart said that her son has always cared about helping less fortunate people.  “We're very proud [of Cartier],” Stewart told CNN; “he has always wanted to help.”

In fact, Cartier founded his own nonprofit organization Kids 4 Change 757, about a year ago to help people in need. He hopes that his organization will inspire other kids to do good in their communities.

According to the Live Kelly and Ryan interview, the lemonade stand has already made $4,500 after only being opened two weeks.

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But don’t worry he isn’t doing this all by himself. Cartier is the oldest of five and his siblings are helping out at the stand along with some of his neighborhood friends.

The pandemic and the need for social distancing has put a damper on many kids’ lemonade stands this summer. To help out these little entrepreneurs, who frequently raise money for back-to-school items or to help others, the lemonade brand Country Time is sending $100 “Bail Out” checks to the impacted kids. Children must register by August 12, 2020.

Cartier is not the only kid helping others through the pandemic. In New Jersey, 12-year-old Dominic Mercado decided to forgo getting regular birthday gifts this year and asked for boxes of spaghetti and jars of pasta sauce instead. He collected the food – quite a bit of food –  for the local food kitchen, according to ABC 7 TV.

 “They might already have food for this week and next week, so these items won't expire for a while. [The food] won't perish for a while,” Dominic told ABC.

Other young people have been helping senior neighbors during the lockdowns by getting groceries and prescriptions for them. This proves that kids are really never too young to do good.

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