12 Ethical Shopping Websites

The guide for mindful shoppers

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The guide for mindful shoppers.


WHAT Goods that are good - for people, animals or the environment. 
IN DETAIL Ethical Ocean's website states that they carefully screen sellers and products before allowing them to be sold via the website. Thoughtfulness extends into product descriptions, that go well beyond merely materials and dimensions, recounting the full story of the product. Shoppers can customize search criteria based on cause. 
BONUS POINTS Ethical Ocean is a treasure trove of stories and inspiring content. 


WHAT Selling bags made in collaboration with artisans in developing countries. 
IN DETAIL Most of the materials are purchased from local markets, and created by businesswomen, while others are made from recycled textiles. Leather products are cruelty free (from naturally deceased animals).
BONUS POINTS True value for workers in challenged regions. 


WHAT A marketplace for green, eco-friendly goods, Abe’s Market is the Etsy for all things natural. 
IN DETAIL The digital platform aims to be a one-stop-shop for natural products, and hosts a slew of sellers in a variety of categories. 
BONUS POINTS An easy and effective meeting point for up-and-coming sellers and their thoughtful shoppers. 


WHAT Sustainable fashion design. 
IN DETAIL Ethical clothes with style are the bread and butter of Ecouterre, masterminded by Jill Fehrenbacher, founder of sustainable-design website Inhabitat.com. 
BONUS POINTS In The Closet With - sneak peeks into the wardrobes of eco hipsters. 


WHAT Stylish homewares and funky gifts. 
IN DETAIL Although not exclusively a purveyor of natural goods, Home Ec sells a variety of eco and fair trade products original brands and designers. 
BONUS POINTS Smart, original design with a flair for the unexpected. 


WHAT The pioneer of expert information about products and companies. 
IN DETAIL A team of scientific experts rate the ethics of each of over 175,000 products available online (links to sellers provided in the website, which does not sell them). Savvy shoppers can compare and find better solutions based on factual advice. 
BONUS POINTS The Good Guide mobile app - for iPhone and Android - offers advice for the shopper on the go. 


WHAT The source for upcycled products. 
IN DETAIL Specializing in products converted from waste materials, Hipcycle sells goods such as a bowl made of bike chains and wine bottles turned into lanterns.
BONUS POINTS Supporting the environment with creativity and spark. 


WHAT Products for a better world and a better self. 
IN DETAIL Armed with ambition to make a change in the world, Gaiam sells products geared for personal transformation. The website also offers inspiration and lifestyle-related content. 
BONUS POINTS Yogis, this is the place for you: Gaiam offers a slew of products for yoga aficionados. 


WHAT One of a kind gifts and knick-knacks. 
IN DETAIL All products sold via the website are safe and cruelty-free. Uncommon Goods also sells many handmade goods, easily spotted by a corresponding symbol. 
BONUS POINTS A portion of each order is donated to a non-profit of the buyer’s choice out of the following: City Harvest, American Forests, AmeriCares and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).


WHAT Furniture and home decor for the environmentally-minded.
IN DETAIL Boasting “hot design for a cool planet,” Bambeco sells everything for the eco home. 
BONUS POINTS Can’t wait for the soon-to-be-launched gift registry


WHAT A mind-boggling variety of ethical products and sellers. 
IN DETAIL This eBay store claims to be “the world’s largest multi-seller marketplace for socially and environmentally responsible shopping.” Products are searchable by cause: People Positive, Eco Positive and Animal Friendly. 
BONUS POINTS Positiveness of products verified by trustworthy nonprofits


WHAT Environmental care for the home and business. 
IN DETAIL Founded in 1999, Green Home was there long before green living was  a trend. The online store sells everything you possibly need for the home and the office alongside a little bit of apparel. 
BONUS POINTS A pioneer in green living.