Edible Forest

Seattle’s first food forest is in the works

Plum tree.

(romiri / shutterstock.com)

What if you could walk outside your door and pick fresh fruit and nuts from the local forest? Well, if you live in Seattle, this will soon be a reality, as just 2.5 miles outside of the city, plans are underway to create a free edible forest open to all. Spearheading the project, the Beacon Food Forest states that their mission is, “to design, plant and grow an edible urban forest garden that inspires our community to gather together, grow our own food and rehabilitate our local ecosystem.” The forest is being designed to incorporate compatible plant life and insects to generate a self-sustainable environment.
Hopefully, this delicious idea will catch on and be part of all major cities.
[Source: Beacon Food Forest]

Want to cut to the chase? Click here: beaconfoodforest.weebly.com