The Amazing Helmet Made From Newspaper

London's saving the planet

Check out this helmet.

Image: courtesy of Paper Pump Helmet

Bike helmets - sturdy, rough and made of... plastic. Right? Not in the case of Paper Pump Helmet
Three UK designers have come up with a safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative for the many London cyclists using the Barclays Bicycle Hire Scheme. The simple Paper Pump Helmet is made entirely from newspapers collected from the London public transportation system, which are then blended with water to create a pulp. The only additive to the slushy mix is an organic and food safe additive, which makes the helmets waterproof for up to six hours – crucial for the famously rainy London. The helmet and strap are fully recyclable, and can be thrown right back into the pulping process after use.
Considering the amount of these amazing bicycle rental schemes popping up across the world, this helmet could allow hundreds of thousands of cyclists keep their heads safe, while saving both money and the environment. [Source: Paper Pump Helmet]

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