13 Crowdfunding Websites for Good Doers

Your guide to impact investments online

Money in a glass.

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Crowdfunding - generating resourcing through a collective effort of individuals - has become a popular way for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise resources for their activites. Crowdfunding platforms have also become popular channels for individuals to make impact investments and act for causes closet to their hearts. 
The following is a guide some of the best crowdfunding outlets out there. 


WHAT The world is Ammado’s oyster: the website fields donation in 76 currencies and supports 12 languages. A great resource for charities and individuals (who can donate as little as $5), Ammado also enables corporations to recruit their employees and staff using their Giving Widget. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Cutting-edge technology enables Ammado a massive reach.
CAUSES Any and all.


WHAT Taking pride in eliminating the middleman, Zidisha connects between individual lenders and microfinance borrowers in low-income regions. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Direct interaction between lenders and borrowers.
CAUSES Individuals in challenged regions who need a loan to kickstart their business. 


WHAT Crowdrise is the only fundraising platform that makes you laugh out loud. Founded by a group of good-doing enthusiasts, including famous actor Edward Norton, Crowdrise is user-friendly for both donors and charities. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Aside from the humorous flair, the website also rewards its users for taking part. For instance, you have a chance to win an iPad or a pizza party if you just follow the rules. 
CAUSES Practically everything. 


WHAT Combining a savvy technological approach with a big heart, Kiva has become a leader in web-based microfinance. Kiva's pitch is simple: lend $25, and take part in a venture that involves 61 countries, 146 partners and 450 volunteers. Kiva collaborates with a network of microfinance organizations who help screen the loans and make sure they are repaid.  
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Complete transparency combined with high-end innovation. 
CAUSES Under-resourced regions worldwide. 


WHAT Self described as “the largest funding platform for creative projects,” Kickstarter has become synonymous with crowdfunding. According to the website, over 24,000 projects have been funded via Kickstarter, which is a novel example of innovation and creativity. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Kickstarter’s staggering success is due in large part to its winning all-or-nothing model: only if a project reaches its funding goal, the pledgers actually pay. 
CAUSES Creative projects of all kinds. 


WHAT Catering to nonprofits and social enterprises, GlobalGiving is a bustling marketplace for charity. Former World Bank executives Mari Kuraishi and Dennis Whittle founded Global Giving in 2002, which has since grown into a massive source of online fundraising, having raised over a whopping $67 million. Recently hailed by Forbes magazine as one of 10 Startups Changing the World, Global Giving is easy to navigate, and the potential donor can search for projects by topic or region. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Prestigious and dominant in the world of online fundraising.  
CAUSES A large variety of nonprofits and social enterprises - easily navigated by topic or region. 


WHAT Not everyone can donate money, but everyone has skills, which can be put to use for a good cause. Sparked plays matchmaker between skilled users and the social businesses that need professional services: copywriters can write grant letters, designers will create a logo for a charity, and so forth. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Crowdfunding skills rather than money? That’s pretty special.
CAUSES Social enterprises of all kinds. 


WHAT 52X52 is a digital platform that encourages commitment to doing good. The website displays a rotating selection of charitable causes, and links to their respective websites - where online donations are facilitated. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Displaying the dozens who have pledged to take part, 52X52 bolsters the sense of commitment with a social vibe. 
CAUSES Various charities. 


WHAT Microplace is an online source for creating investment portfolios in projects whose goals are to alleviate poverty. The microfinance website allows investors flexibility in the amount invested, the beneficiary institutions and even the interest rate and repayment time. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH An end-to-end solution for impact investment .  
CAUSES Under-resourced regions worldwide. Specific sub-categories are Rural Areas, Women, Green and Fair Trade. 


WHAT Since 2000, JustGiving has been administering charitable donations for charities in the UK. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Reclaiming of Gift Aid - a UK tax incentive for charity donations - increases the nominal donated amount. 
CAUSES Charities and projects registered in the UK, in a variety of categories.


WHAT The mother of all activism platforms, Causes allows users to create communities that take action or support specific nonprofits - via signing petitions, pledging to take actions, and, of course, donations. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH A reported 100 million users translate into effective exposure. 
CAUSES Any and all activism initiatives. 


WHAT Razoo melds all digital channels into a single platform, so crowdfunding is made possible via their website, iPhone and even Facebook. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Good networking tools and a comparably lower rate from funds. 
CAUSES Any and all. 


WHAT UK-based Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform that specializes in neighborhood improvement projects. Users can pitch ideas and fundraise, while donors can give to projects that interest them. 
THE SPECIAL TOUCH Community relations never looked so promising. 
CAUSES Local communities makeovers.