Navigating the Internet Jungle

MentorMob turns crowdsourced information into quality educational material

Online learning.

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Is wading through all the junk sites on the web to find a valuable piece of information exhausting? Don’t fret: MentorMob comes to the rescue.
MentorMob has created a way to streamline the search process and lead the user directly to the high level content they seek. A free service, MentorMob allows users to act as curators and create learning playlists from first-rate websites. Users can then edit and rank their playlists, and share their collections with other MentorMobbers. In other words, think of MentorMob as a college, where users create their own syllabus, go to classes and then join in a discussion with other classmates.  
The collaborative community-based lists make web-learning a no-hassle, interactive and free to access information and a nifty outlet for social-driven education. [Source: MentorMob]

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