Let's Play the Good Guys

AOK is an app that socializes and gamifies doing good


AOK is a gamified online community. (Image: from the AOK website)

In an era where gamification is the name of the game, it was only a matter of time until social good-doing endeavors would become a digital playground. Enter AOK, who aims to become a megaplayer of goodness by combining a savvy approach to digital products and a profound willingness to foster good-doing.
The collaborative effort of actor Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame), producer Peter Glatzer, TGO.tv, Ludlow Kingsley, Natron Baxter Applied Gaming and Gameful.org, results in a nifty platform, available both on the web and as a mobile app: the players, dubbed AOKers, share their own good deeds (Acts) or report others' (Observations). This is a buzzing online community, so conversation abounds. But here comes the breakthrough: acts of goodness are rewarded with points that are converted into charitable donations! 
The folks at AOK tell us that it is currently being played at more than seven countries, and a quick perusal indeed reveals posts by AOKers that hail from all over the world - such as the US, Uganda and France. Most acts shared on AOK are of the simpler end of good deeds (one guy did the chores for his grandparents, and this gal cheered on marathoners in LA). Still, some are more activist-bent, like this guy who launched a crowdfunding  website for veterans.
All stories are inspiring, but we are especially swooning over Grenier's super sweet story: sitting in a restaurant right next to a guy who was proposing to his girlfriend, Grenier bought their fancy dinner for them -a double celebration for the smitten couple. [Source: aok.tv]

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