15 Travel Destinations That are Especially Gorgeous in the Fall

There are fewer crowds, lower costs, and the same beautiful scenery in the off season.


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The long summer days when school and work slow to a crawl is over And while summer is often the most ideal travel season, though we shouldn’t forget about fall with its colorful foliage and crisp air. For many places, autumn isn’t peak season, so while prices and crowds decrease, there’s still plenty going on. Book your ticket for these 15 beautiful destinations that are better when the leaves are changing.

Napa Valley, California

Though the wine country is exceptional year-round, don’t miss the beautiful Napa Valley scenery in the fall when the vineyards shift from green to yellows, oranges, and red hues. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy from horseback riding to bicycle tours, as well as the annual Napa Valley Film Festival, which starts in November.

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Bavaria, Germany

Always dream of visiting Germany. Begin with Oktoberfest in Munich which begins at the end of September and ends early October for a pint or three of beer. Then, make your way over to the world’s most famous castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, stroll the streets of Bamberg, or take in the rest of the historic sights Germany has to offer.

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The Cotswolds, England

Looking for a break from your hectic city life, or even a break from the day-to-day? The Cotswolds is the perfect destination for a pleasant fall getaway. Explore historic villages, enjoy a pub crawl with countryside views, and take in the gorgeous nature.

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Ashville, North Carolina

You’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier view of the Appalachian Trail. October through November boasts some of fall’s boldest colors. When you need a break from exploring the surrounding mountains, drop in to one of their many breweries for some exceptional craft brews.

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Peruvian Andes

Our fall is their spring, so while the tourists are making their way back home, you can take advantage of a less crowded, yet incredibly green views of Machu Picchu. Or if you’re dreaming of trekking through the Amazon, June through November marks their low-water season, so you can access trails that may be flooded during the rest of the year. 

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Providence, Rhode Island

There’s just something so special about the Northeast during the cooler months and Providence is no exception. The city’s most luxurious hotels and ocean front properties are half price, so take in the views while relaxing by the fireplace. And don’t miss their Oyster Festival, which offers food trucks, a shucking content, and plenty of live music to set the tone.

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Oaxaca, Mexico

For summer in the fall, head to Oaxaca, Mexico for temperatures that range in the high 70s. Then, explore the many cultural and historical offerings, such as the Day of the Dead celebrations occurring in late October. Make your way through the city’s many markets, admire the festive, multi-hued altars, or stop and take in a parade. 

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Charleston, South Carolina

Make your way south to experience South Carolina’s cobblestone streets and sprawling front porches. Visiting after summer means hitting this magical town during their Fall Tours of Homes and Taste of Charleston. This foodie town is alive and well during Autumn. For a humidity-free beach experience, hit up Folly Beach. 

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Torres del Paine, Chile

If adventure is calling your name, this region of Patagonia is ripe with some of the best natural wonders. Discover some of the world’s largest glaciers near the Andean peaks while taking in the extended daylight hours, warmer temperatures, and gentler winds.

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Sicily, Italy

Goodbye sticky summer and endless streams of tourists. Fall and October offer lower prices, pleasant temperatures, and unobstructed views of Mount Etna, Valley of the Temples, Stromboli, the Aegadian Islands, and world-famous beaches.

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Yosemite National Park, California

Pay a visit to this stunning natural wonder, which also boasts plenty of fall activities to keep anyone busy. Try your hand at horseback riding, hiking, camping, boating while taking in Bass Lake. With the cooler weather, there’s no cozier camping experience than Yosemite National Park.

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Extend your summer in Bermuda and enjoy all the delicacies Bermuda has to offer, such as spiny lobster. The temperatures are still warm, though there’re considerably fewer people lying out in the beaches. For a relaxing ‘summer’ getaway, head to Bermuda when the warm weather begins to cool down at home.

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Sedona, Arizona

Enjoy the light-jacket weather in Sedona, Arizona between mid-October-mid November. For breathtaking fall scenery, visit the Baldwin Trail in the Village of Oak Creek and the Cookstove Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.

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Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Don’t limit one of Africa’s most unique destinations for June-August. Visit Mount Kilimanjaro for peaks that reach the skies, or observe the many wild, exotic animals calling this stunning country home.

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Dalmatian Coast, Croatia 

Ride the rails to the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Though no longer a secret, Dubrovnik and Split are cheaper and less crowded during the autumn. While the rest of Europe is slowing down their beachy vacations, enjoy the remaining sunny days in this paradise.

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