Giving Books to Everyone

Unglue runs crowdfunding campaigns to make books free for all

Books in the library.

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Ever wished for easier access to books?
Do you own the rights of a book and want more people to read it?
Unglue, a digital platform created by Bluejar, may be the answer to all of your conundrums.
Dubbed "a place for individuals and institutions to join together to liberate specific ebooks and other types of digital content," Unglue is a crowdfunding website, where readers, libraries, authors and other literati can join together and pledge or donate money that will be used to license specific books under creative commons.
What books will be unglued? That depends on the users. Ungluers are welcome to wishlist books they would like to unglue, and the Bluejar folks will find out the licensing costs entailed and finalize all the logistics to make it happen, provided, of course, that the money is raised.
A quick perusal of the most wishlisted list reveals some all-time favorites, such as A Brief History of Time, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Giving Tree.
More books for readers and a boost to writers? Sounds like a story with a good ending to us.
[Source: Unglue]

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