Dare to Do Good

Earth Hour’s new initiative challenges you to save the environment

Beach cleaning.

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Set your clocks for 8:30 pm on March 31! All at once, 5,251 cities and towns in 135 countries worldwide will turn off their lights for a full hour; all as part of Earth Hour. In conjunction with Earth Hour, a new campaign, "I will if you will," challenges people to save the planet via YouTube videos.
In exchange for a commitment to help the earth, people are promising to give up something dear or perform a completely out of the ordinary act. For example, supermodel Miranda Kerr plans to give a free yoga class if 500 people upload their own "I will if you will" videos in an effort to spur more environmental action. A young man from India will dress up as a woman for a week if 5,000 people start using energy efficient light bulbs. An extreme challenge comes from a woman who will go swimming in a cage with a great white shark if 10,000 people give up plastic bags and straws for 2012. 
These are just some of the many examples, but only one question remains, what will you do?  
[Source: I will if you will]

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