A Digital Solution for an Organic Revolution

BuckyBox helps farmers deliver their goods


BuckyBox helps deliver organic goods. (Image: karimian on Flickr)

Organic farmers are experts in seed growing and veggie cropping; they know better than anyone when tomatoes will be ripe and how to water carrots in just the right way to give them a beautiful orangey sheen. Many times, though, they struggle with the logistics of food delivery and distribution - a difficulty that translates into decreased accessibility to locally grown, fresh food.
Enter BuckyBox, a web app that  automates billing and distribution logistics for organic delivery. Offering a simple and user-friendly software (currently in beta version), BuckyBox is driven by a passion to transition food consumption back to local and organic.
Sounds delicious. [Source: BuckyBox]

Want to get down to business? Go here: buckybox.com 

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