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Anthon Berg’s pop up store took generosity to literal levels


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Free chocolate for doing good deeds - is this a dream? Well, not for Anthon Berg, the world renowned chocolate company, which opened a special one-day-only pop-up store in central Copenhagen last February.
"The Generous Store" brought giving - both of the chocolate manufacturer and willing customers - to a literal level: instead of Kronors, products switched hands in exchange for a commitment to perform a good deed. Speaking nicely to your mother for a whole week was the price tag for one package, serving breakfast in bed to a loved one was the retail price for another.
After choosing their decadent treats, customers logged onto Facebook via iPad stations in the store and posted their nice intentions to themselves and to the recipients of their good deeds - so generously good for participants (and the Anthon Berg brand, no doubt).  
[Source: The Generous Store]

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